This website is designed to share ten of the most beautiful views in Croatia. All of theses views are open to the public, a day’s trip from Croatia’s major cities, and scenic of course! When I travel, I love finding good views to look out over new places, so I thought why not put together […]

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Fortress Mirabela

Fortress Mirabela, also known as Utvrda Peovica, is a fortress from the 13th century located in Omiš. This view looks out over the town, the Cetina River, and the Adriatic Sea. There are uneven steps, winding staircases, and metal ladders to get to the highest point. The fort was originally built as a hideout for the […]

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Split Overlook

The Split overlook feels like a large balcony staring over the city. From the view you can see boats in the harbor, orange rooftops, and smiles of those also enjoying the view. While great views are the main draw of this point, it also acts as a gathering point for travelers coming together during their […]

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Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park: a lake lover’s dream come true. This national park is home to many crisp blue lakes, sparkling waterfalls, and diverse plant and animal life. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia. Walking around these lakes on the wooden walkways above the water is hands down […]

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St. Domnius’ Bell Tower

Centrally located within Diocletian’s Palace right next to St. Domnius’ Cathedral is St. Domnius’ bell tower. Just like Fortress Mirabela, there a small climb up to the viewpoint. Old, large stone steps lead the climb that later turn to metal staircases inside the bell tower. You can see the Fiat-sized bells from inside the tower. […]

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Vidova Gora

One ferry boat ride and one windy road later will get you to the top of Brač island, Vidova Gora. The island of Brač is located south of Split and it has the tallest point out of all the 1,200+ Adriatic Islands, rounding out at 2559 feet (780 m). From Vidova Gora you have endless […]

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Walls of Dubrovnik

What’s better than walking on actual stone walls from the 16th century? Not much. On the Walls of Dubrovnik you are able to circle the old town and look at its history dating back hundreds of years from above. Over 400 years ago, these walls were used to defend the city: thick, tall and considered […]

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Mount Sljeme

Out of all the best views in Croatia, of course one of them has to be a mountain top. Mount Sljeme is just north of Zagreb with a vast overview of the entire city. The mountain is actually named Medvednica, and the highest point is Sljeme Peak, but many call the mountain as a whole […]

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Zagreb 360

Just like the name states, this viewpoint offers a full 360 degree, panoramic view of Zagreb. You can see north to the mountains, straight down into the square and a full view important buildings like the Zagreb Cathedral. Just like the Lotrscak Tower, this viewpoint is located near (and visible from) the main square in […]

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Medimurje County

A few hours drive from Zagreb, Medimurje County is a perfect example of European hill country. Green, rolling hills scattered with cottages cover the landscape and the drive itself is worth the view. A viewpoint, Maderkin Breg, is located at the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards, sunflower fields and the tradition of Croatia […]

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